Seattle MacBook Pro Repair - Fast, thorough and affordable

Have a MacBook Pro or some other Apple computer issue?  Bring it in for accurate and thorough diagnostics.  Our techs are well-trained and highly experienced with Apple products.  We can provide you with the best, most cost-effective options to repair or upgrade your machine.  No matter how old or new your Apple device is, we guarantee that our certified technicians can offer you accurate and precise repair solutions in a timely manner... and for just a mere fraction of what the Apple store typically charges.

Seattle Computers' technicians call you on a first name basis and treat you with respect.  You will NOT find condescending, quick "get you out the door fast" tactics.  No numbers, no Genius bar waiting, and above all, no pushing products that you really don't need.  We are a dedicated repair shop - our main goal is to fix your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air or other Apple device fast and affordably with the highest quality of service.  Although we have a 60-day warranty on all of our repairs, we generally continue supporting our customers well beyond this time period.

Now offering Apple iCloud unlock or password reset/removal service

Locked out of your Mac?  We see this happen often when a Mac is purchased second-hand off Craigslist or E-Bay or if the user forgets/misplaces the password they set.  Whether it's the standard OS X login password or the more complex BIOS / EFI / iCloud lock, we can remove, reset and unlock it for you.  For the EFI password (also known as the iCloud lock), we have special hardware that enables us to restore access to your device.  Customers have reported first taking it to the apple store only to discover they require all kinds of documents and paperwork that most people don't keep or have, not to mention a very high fee.  We'll unlock your Mac for just $99.

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