Local Computer Repair – Drop Off / Walk-In Repair Shop

Our drop-off computer repair shop is ready and available 6 days a week to service your computer or device.  You may walk in anytime with no appointment necessary.   If you're viewing this site from a computer, you can click the SELF CHECK-IN option on the menu below.  The form will ask you some questions about the issues you're having along with your contact info.  Then when you bring your laptop or desktop in to the store, we'll be able to convert your entry into a service ticket and you'll be in and out in a matter of a minute or two.

Get your computer fixed at the best computer repair shop in Seattle.  Know the cost before the fix.  There is no obligation and no hidden fees.  

We have always believed in putting the decision-making power in your hands as the customer.  After running thorough diagnostics on your machine, we pinpoint the precise issue(s) that are causing problems with your computer.  We will then call you and discuss your available repair options, costs involved and how you would like to proceed.

Contact us or call 206-923-8999