Computer Upgrades

Almost all desktops and even most laptops contain hardware that can be upgraded.  You can save as

much as $1,000+ by upgrading your existing machine as opposed to buying a whole new one.  It's less

hassle and much easier on the wallet.

For desktops, usually pretty much anything in the machine can be upgraded, depending on how far you want to take it.

As far as laptops go, did you know that most laptops are shipped out of the factory with the lowest possible

hardware configurations?  This means that memory/RAM can often be doubled or tripled.  Hard-disk space

can be increased to virtually any size you desire.  And with the emergence and popularity of SSD's

(solid state drives), we have the resources to speed your machine up to 10x faster (literally).  Replacing

these essential components with brand new ones also comes with new manufacturer warranties since

these are all new parts!

For example, one of our favorite upgrade packages is taking a 2010 MacBook Pro and by the time we're done

with it, the benchmarks prove they outperform a brand new mac!  We're talking hundreds of dollars compared

to thousands of dollars, in this case.