Seattle Computer Repair Services - Home and Small Businesses

No reservations needed.  Since you're already here, you can expedite the check-in process by using our self check-in option here on our website, or you can simply bring it in.  On-site repairs are available for an additional fee.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Our certified technicians use the latest utilities to remove malicious software.  This includes viruses/malware that even slip by most antivirus software you may have installed.  Removing viruses will increase privacy and protect your personal information.  We will show you how to use the software for future protection and give appropriate recommendations.

Hardware Problems


Does a certain device not work?  Let our technicians diagnose the problem and fix it for you. If a certain component is still under warranty, we will send it to the manufacturer and complete the RMA process for you.  We can typically offer our customers a substitute part while waiting for the new one to arrive.  Most hardware repairs are typically done without such hassles -- dc jack repairs, cracked screens and broken laptop hinges and plastics are a few hardware repairs we do on a daily basis.

Software Problems

Some software can be incompatible with your system or conflict with other programs which can cause slow-downs, lag, instability (blue screens, random reboots, freezing, etc) and other problems.  Software/application conflicts can be difficult to diagnose.  We can identify and resolve these issues and offer insight on how to avoid these conflicts in the future.


Tune-up/Increase System Speed

Improving system overall performance by removing unwanted software, repairing any system file corruption (this can often go undetected for long periods of time, causing system speed to slow considerably), cleaning up the system registry and startup entries and various other methods is a service we do on a daily basis.  Often this is all a computer needs to get back up and running to your satisfaction.


Custom Build Computers

Whether you're looking for gaming machine or a basic, solid computer for internet/office use, we can build one for you from scratch.  You tell us your requirements/criteria for your ideal computer, we'll provide you with several options varying in cost; right down to each individual component.  Not sure exactly what you need?  Our certified technicians will help you choose a configuration that will suit your needs.  All custom-built computers come standard with a 1-year warranty.

Home Network Setup


Setting up your wireless or shared network printer, configuring or optimizing your internet situation and creating a home network where multiple machines can interact with each other are all tasks we do on a frequent basis.  Our technicians can travel to your location with same-day service usually available.


Free Computer Recycling

Help us keep our planet clean one computer at a time.  If you have an old computer that is out of commission, let us recycle it for you. 

If you need help extracting data from the hard drive, we can help.

Lately there has been an outburst of ransomware going around -- a sophisticated virus that encrypts your files, rendering them useless, and will only give you the option of restoring your system back once a payment has been sent to the creators of this virus.  Seattle Computers is the only repair shop that capable of undoing the damage these viruses cause, restore your system back to normal and remove the virus completely.  Other places might tell you they can, but ultimately their solution is to completely format (wipe) your hard-drive and re-install the operating system, leaving you with none of your data.

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